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As a playwright, I’ve co-written two adaptations (Our Man in Havana, 2017 & Woyzeck, 2018) with Spies Like Us, as well as co-writing original comedy-thriller, Speed Dial.

I have also written sketches and one-liners for Newsjack (BBC Radio 4 Extra), The Skewer (BBC Radio 4), DM's Are Open (BBC Radio pilot), and The NewsRevue Podcast, as well as those I’ve performed myself with The Durham Revue, independently, and on The Upload Comedy Hour (BBC Radio Tees).

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"This is no easy play to adapt, especially for a fringe setting, yet Ollie Norton-Smith and Hamish Lloyd Barnes have grasped this unfinished working-class tragedy and made it feel entirely complete… This adaptation is simply mesmerising, and I would suggest even more self-aware than the Old Vic production in 2017"


Theatre Weekly on Woyzeck

"Ollie Norton-Smith and Hamish Lloyd Barnes' script is slick and effective, triggering many a genuine laugh through a generous sprinkling of surrealist jokes"


A Younger Theatre on Our Man in Havana

"Warm, loveable, flawed characters that the audience will be rooting for within the first few minutes"

Gemma Arrowsmith (Spitting Image, Tracy Ullman, The Now Show)

on Upside Frown

I am currently looking to expand into writing for screen and am developing multiple TV projects. If you'd like to read a spec script, please do get in touch! 

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